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Despite the fact that I had come down with quite a heavy bout of the cold on Wednesday I went ahead and done the quiz anyway. By the time Friday afternoon had come I thought I was over the worst of it anyway and so I didn’t bother cancelling it.

As it turned out on the night, I did actually feel not too bad. Maybe the Guinness that Ken bought me a the start of the evening helped as I they say it has some medicinal qualities. I certainly appear quite jovial in this photo.

antalya king bar quiz karaoke 6_3_15 (9)

The 3 teams of the evening were The Hot Rods, The Anthenians and The Re-frienders. The Re-frienders getting their name as someone had deleted someone from their facebook friends list about 6 months ago, without realising that that person would be a regular at our weekly quiz and of course it was only a matter of time for that to come to light. So be careful out there, these things can come back to haunt you. 😉

antalya king bar quiz karaoke 6_3_15 (14)

Despite their poor start in the music round of the quiz the Anthenians came back strong to win it on the last question. Well done! Some Sex on the Beach all round. 🙂

antalya king bar quiz karaoke 6_3_15 (27)

The Re-frienders all pals again, despite coming in last, or let’s just say third as it sounds better.

antalya king bar quiz karaoke 6_3_15 (29)

The Hot Rods were winning all the way and would have won it if they hadn’t bet strategically on the last question as they had the right answer but instead of going all-in, they decided to play safe, thinking no-one else would have the right answer. Never under-estimate the Athenians.

antalya king bar quiz karaoke 6_3_15 (30)

So with that, it was time to move onto the Karaoke. I was playing a few crowd favourites in between Anıl singing and Clare and Aynur were certainly getting into some Little Richard at this point.

antalya king bar quiz karaoke 6_3_15 (54)

Anıl was making the women swoon with his uncanny Joe Cocker impersonation.

antalya king bar quiz karaoke 6_3_15 (58)

Anton was also very enthusiastic about Anıl’s singing voice and so was very happy when he asked him if he wanted to join him for a song. They gave My Way a bash…although perhaps they should have sung Our Way.

AA together.;-)

antalya king bar quiz karaoke 6_3_15 (59)

Then I met the lovely Beste who appeared my side of the bar to ask me to join her for a song. I suggested a few male/female duets but she didn’t know Fairytale of New York or Islands in the Stream and I wasn’t about to attempt to sing a Smiths tune I wasn’t 100% familiar with, so I encouraged her to sing solo, much to Dakota’s amusement.

antalya king bar quiz karaoke 6_3_15 (63)

I was happy that Beste was keeping the true spirit of Karaoke alive by having a go regardless of whether she is technically brilliant in the vocal department or not and pointed this out to Dakota. He said I made a good point. I then shoved these glasses on him and took a few snaps just so he understood the patter. 😉

antalya king bar quiz karaoke 6_3_15 (67)

I was just about to wrap up the Karaoke when I got a request from this couple who had never sang before, so I let them have a go at Sweet Home Alabama. Anıl was on hand to offer his encouragement.

antalya king bar quiz karaoke 6_3_15 (72)

I couldn’t leave without putting my Pink shades on Levent as I thought he would suit them very well. 🙂

antalya king bar quiz karaoke 6_3_15 (80)

I then headed off and shared the lift with 4 ladies. Clare said I must be excited but I told her I am used to it. Just check my facebook photos for proof. A good team photo to end the night though.

antalya king bar quiz karaoke 6_3_15 (91)

Now if only I’d remembered to take my phone charger with me, then it would have been even better.

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