King Bar Quiz – 27/2/15

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It had been raining all week and I had put off announcing the quiz as I know it puts people off coming out. However on Friday morning Clare asked me if I was doing it and the weather seemed ok, so I created the event and announced it on facebook.

The quiz was due to start at King Bar at 8pm but at 7pm a huge thunderstorm hit Antalya. It was too late for me to cancel it as some people may not catch the news so I had to turn up and see if anyone had braved the weather.

When I got there only Anıl and his girlfriend were there and I told them I admired their dedication as when I got off the bus if felt like sheets of rain were falling. As no-one else had appeared by 8.15pm, they decided to get a bite to eat at King Bar Restaurant.

I was just about to pack things away when Clare and Janet turned up. They had travelled from Lara and the pools of water on the road had held them up. Well done to Clare though as I would have been a trifled ticked off if she hadn’t come after I organised it at her request.

So we had two teams of two and that was good enough to start the quiz. About halfway through Arzu joined us too. Here was this week’s winning team.

QuiZ  (6)

And here’s Anıl trying to hide for his losers photo. 😉

QuiZ  (9)

There is a young dude from London called Reece, who has started to work in the bar. He used to play for Arsenal youth team but unfortunately got caught with a cigarette by one of the trainers while he was waiting for a train so they let him go. He then trained with Luton Town for a while but decided to leave London and make a fresh start in Turkey, living with his Dede (grandfather).

He is going to have a trial with Antalyaspor and is spending some time getting fit by running on the beach and going to the gym. Good luck to him. I ran from the bus stop to the bar and was out of breath so perhaps I should join him.

QuiZ  (11)

This is another worker in the bar called Utku aka The Bodyguard. Last week he asked me to play the Lou Reed song ‘Perfect Day’ but I didn’t get around to it as I thought it a bit slow for how the night was going so I asked if he had another request.

QuiZ  (12)

He asked for a Depeche Mode song called ‘Enjoy The Silence’ which was a bit prophetic for what was to come.

Just before we were going to start the Karaoke ‘BOOM’, we had a power cut. The whole area was out and so that put paid to that and the evening. Fortunately I still had some power in my camera battery for a good team photo to wrap things up nicely.

QuiZ  (14)

Then it was time for a Taxi home as it was too wet to walk to the bus stop.

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