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So the quiz returned to King Bar this week with my good self as the host. There wasn’t a big a turn out as last week at Shaker Pub but still enough for a good bit of banter and a fun evening.

Here are this weeks winners, Two Chicks and a Guy, which had obviously mutated into 3 Chicks and a Guy by the end of the quiz.

quiz feb 13th (3)

Here are this week’s losers, The Oddballs and one member of The Whizzkids. They gave it a good go and as always, it is the taking part that counts. 🙂

quiz feb 13th (5)

After the quiz we done a spot of Karaoke, well Anıl sang and everyone else lapped it up. He has a really great voice and when he sings Joe Cocker, Louis Armstrong and Elvis you would think they have all returned from the dead.

quiz feb 13th (9)

You can hear a brief clip of him singing Love Me Tender to his girlfriend in the video below. Aw Sweet. Petra asked me to sing and as I can’t really sing, I shouted my way through My Way.

At the end you can also hear a small section of a song called Jesusfreak by a friend of mine who goes under the name of Satellite Dub for his music productions.

At one point Petra was walking around carrying a heavy ball in the air, the point of which still eludes me. Maybe it is some kind of modern dance thing that I am out of touch with.

quiz feb 13th (17)

Nicky and Kenan will soon be leaving Antalya to go to Wales for a minimum of 5 years and although they promised they would return for one more quiz before they leave, I took a snap just in case they don’t. I wish them both well in their new adventure together.

quiz feb 13th (28)

I hung around outside the bar for a short time and Anıl showed me some old pictures of him where he didn’t have a beard and he really looked like Elvis. Ken in fact, thought the photos were of The King. Not only does he sound like him, he looks like him! Some guys get all the breaks.

Levent said that their is another Elvis lookalike in the building and when we found him we dragged him into a photo too.

quiz feb 13th (40)

Then it was time to go as Aynur has to get up at 6 on Saturday mornings and it was already well after midnight and we didn’t have time to put the wigs on and goto Roadhouse like we did last Saturday night.

I’m sure there will be more wig action in the future though, so stay tuned for that. 😉

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