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I had let Rob guest host this weeks’s quiz at Shaker Pub on the Friday night, so I decided to host a Karaoke Night at King Bar on the Saturday. This was because a few people really love the Karaoke and some had asked for me to do something on Saturday night.

I was very pleased to see Eda, who had been asking for Karaoke on Saturday, make it along as she is so enthusiastic to sing. She got their with her friend about half an hour before anyone else so they both warmed up with a few numbers.

King Karaoke Night (2)

Then Zara brought a crowd in and sat up the back, but it wasn’t long before she was putting her name down regularly and graced us with about 4 or 5 songs throughout the night with my favourite being her rendition of Glee’s version of I Will Survive…..dedicated of course, to her ex-boyfriend….as were a few others. 🙂

King Karaoke Night (3)

Then my lovely lady Aynur turned up and sang Michael Jackson’s Earth Song and a couple of others, including a Turkish Song. I’m not sure which one as they all sound the same to me! Maybe I should learn Turkish better and that would help to distinguish them.

King Karaoke Night (6)

This girl sang a Tarkan song and another Turkish one later in the evening and by this time the party was in full swing, and the barman’s fear that no-one was going to turn up was proved wrong.

King Karaoke Night (9)

Ebru, who is an old fb friend who I did meet a few times before I left for Scotland last year, then popped in. I tried to get her to sing but she wasn’t having any of it. Maybe next time. 🙂

King Karaoke Night (11)

By this time the Karaoke heavyweights had arrive in Göksay and Anıl. They can sing too. 😉

King Karaoke Night (47)

Roar must have been drunk as he put his name down for some Megadeath. It wasn’t as torturous as I’d feared and the song wasn’t bad either. lol. There is a story behind Roar’s Batman tattoo which I may reveal in a later blog post.

King Karaoke Night (50)

Anıl was in full Elvis mode by this time and he had an army of screaming fans lapping it up…well, his girlfriend anyway.

King Karaoke Night (53)

Ebru was leaving so I had to grab a photo with her and Aynur before she did, as she doesn’t come out to often. Hope to see her again soon.

King Karaoke Night (56)

There were drumsticks behind the bar and I had started practising my drum rolls during some Karaoke performances but after Karaoke finished I got into full swing with my imaginary drum set.

King Karaoke Night (63)

Roar asked for some ‘swing’ music and so I popped on some classic Fifties Rock’n’roll and away he went with his new dance partner.

King Karaoke Night (65)

Levent joined Roar and myself for a selfie as Roar said I hadn’t taken enough photos of me that night. Who was I to argue?

King Karaoke Night (71)

At the start of the evening before any punters had arrived I had played the Chemical Brothers song, Hey Boy, Hey Girl and the barman asked me to play it again later, which I duly did. He was happy and so were the punters. 🙂

King Karaoke Night (82)

Aynur was looking a bit tired so I decided to call it a night and take her home. Here are the (dark) highlights from evening.

Anıl’s girlfriend popped into this photo at the last second, giving us all a good chuckle, and let’s face it, we needed someone to add a bit of glamour to the shot.

King Karaoke Night (81)

After this photo Aynur said that she wasn’t so tired that she couldn’t join the last of the party people at Roadhouse for an hour or so. So we hit the road….

King Karaoke Night (86)

This could well be my most favourite tongues out photo ever. Reminds me of the cover of a Jefferson Airplane (Loves You) – Box Set I have in my mothers house in Scotland.

King Karaoke Night (85)

This young lad had joined us on the walk from King Bar to Roadhouse and he was enjoying getting his photo taken with us, so although I didn’t get the wigs out at the Karaoke, I thought this a good time to do so. He was shy at first but soon got into posing as a woman.

King Karaoke Night (117)

Anıl told me that he has a collection of wigs that he gets out at his house parties so he got into the spirit very quickly, like an old pro.

King Karaoke Night (121)

The first time I have ever turned down a tongue’s out request. Must be getting old.

King Karaoke Night (130)

The hats I had in my bag complimented the wigs quite well, so I got them out also.

King Karaoke Night (133)

We couldn’t believe it when we met a girl with ‘real’ blue hair in the bar. Of course, we needed to get evidence with a quick snap.

King Karaoke Night (144)

This girl took a ‘liking’ to my leopard skin hat, so much so that I had to prise it off her!

King Karaoke Night (148)

Yep, I think we left an impression!

King Karaoke Night (153)

I met Ferhan again and it was good to see her. Mick Jagger enjoyed licking her head too.

King Karaoke Night (155)

Anıl and I were feeling the love at this point.

King Karaoke Night (174)

Next thing we knew, Anıl was rocking the house big style. He done a 10 minute jam with the band that was great. He put in an awesome performance, aided of course, by my jesters hat.

King Karaoke Night (177)

Aynur is an animal lover. So much so that if we are talking and she see’s a cat or dog she will instantly ignore me and go rushing over to said animal. This one was particularly lovely.

King Karaoke Night (195)

I was getting Aynur to take photos of me in front of this drawing but a passer by volunteered to take one of us together. I’m glad he did as it came out well. Maybe one day we could have a real house just like it. 🙂

King Karaoke Night (209)

So that is the basic story of the night. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. 🙂

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