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So after the success of the first Karaoke night, I hosted another one week later.

I spotted a pair of cool Spectacles in the bar and had to take a photo with the Barman as I thought they made me look quite distinguished.

I did get the guitar out just in case anyone wanted to back themselves instead of relying on the backing track, however no-one used it so it was an nice ornament for the evening.

Eda loves to sing and she isn’t bad but if she is in trouble her boyfriend Göksay is always on hand to help out.

It helps that he is a professional Opera singer.

Things always liven up when Zeki arrives.

I like to see happy couples and these two certainly look like they found each other. 🙂

One with some of the other attendees outside the bar.

Ismail always asks me to sing My Way after he saw me perform it a couple of years ago in another Karaoke Bar. Göksay had already sung it that night though, so I had a good excuse not to inflict pain on everyone else. 😉

Although not a huge turn out, it was certainly another fun evening.

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