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A new Karaoke Bar under the Khoffner umbrella opened fairly close to my apartment. They have a Bistro in Lara where they serve their own beer and so obviously business is going well and they are expanding.

karaoke bar (2)

Downstairs has a stage for real musicians to play and hidden away upstairs is the Karaoke room, with very good soundproofed walls. 😉

karaoke bar (13)

It is certainly a nice room to take your girl to and they serve good food their as well.

karaoke bar (17)

The first night we went there, instead of Karaoke, there were two Russian singers who were putting on a bit of a show. It was called Russian Night and there was a big turn out and a lot of Russians there.

karaoke bar (21)

At one point they played an instrumental and encouraged people to dance. I told Aynur to hold my camera and hit the dancefloor. She has still to be trained well in the art of capturing my madness so the camera work is a bit wonky but you can get the idea hopefully.

Basically, I went mental for about 2 minutes although it felt like an hour, but I got a few ‘Bravo’s’ at the end so it was worth it. I then went back to my seat and gasped for air for 10 minutes.

On the way out we bumped into Serap, Aysun, Ceyda and Funda who were on a girls night out. I didn’t volunteer to join them then, even though I have been generally accepted into many a girls club, I thought I would let this one slide. I didn’t even get myself in a Selfie with them. I must be getting old.

karaoke bar (27)

Second Visit

I went back a week or so later with Aynur and they were handing out these plastic glasses to advertise something or other. I couldn’t see too well through mine.

karoake bar 2 (4)

I noticed that night that you don’t even need to go to the stage to sing as they bring the two portable mics to your table and you can sing direct to your friends.

karoake bar 2 (12)

As you can see we were just thrilled with the singing that night. We spared the people there our voices but we shall return to inflict another audience at a later date I’m sure.

karoake bar 2 (14)

Third Visit

Well, what do you know, my prophecy came true and indeed we did go back. It was fairly empty so we decided to have a go on the mic ourselves. Aynur went first with a Turkish song that was depressing, even for Turkish songs.

Khoffner Night 3 (6)

Afterwards I tried to lift the energy a bit with a rendition of Johnny Be Goode. You can see a small clip down below, where I was struggling for breath. I think I need to start doing some exercise.

Here I am with two staff members who are very hospitable and friendly. Good service at Khoffner for sure.

Khoffner Night 3 (7)

As we were leaving, I saw this band on stage downstairs and after I took this photo the Bongo player came straight over towards me.

Khoffner Night 3 (8)

As you can see quite clearly here!

Khoffner Night 3 (9)

He started dancing with me and so I danced back and before you know it, I was up onstage playing the Bongos! Stuff like that happens when you allow the magic in. 😉

You can see a small clip of it below also.

Fourth Visit

I started singing this Ramones song and 95% of the audience left. So I encouraged them by singing Hey Ho, Let’s Go to them as the departed. You can’t see that though as it is pitch black. More of an audio video this one

I had 3 people in the audience but I still gave it 100%.

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  • Joan
    October 3, 2015

    Haha just the type of person i love…love karaoke, looks like you had a great time, hope to visit soon tc

  • October 5, 2015

    Yep, I usually enjoy myself when there is Karaoke on the go but I can’t say that my audience does. 😉

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