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My friend Eda had been asking me to do a Karaoke evening on a Saturday night as she is a teacher and has to work Saturday mornings and so can’t relax as much on the Friday night. I said I was happy to oblige and so organised a night. Here she is at the bar ‘relaxing’ before she started to sing.

It was a pleasure to have her there as she is very enthusiastic for Karaoke, more so then even myself!

karoake night king bar (1)

Zahra also is very keen on Karaoke so when she saw it advertised she came along and introduced herself and about 10 minutes later she was on the mic.

karoake night king bar (4)

After an hour or so Eda’s boyfriend popped in and he is a professional Opera singer, hence the fact that he didn’t need a mic. Needless to say he blew everyone else out the water.

I got it on video but he wasn’t keen to have it on YouTube as the quality of the recording came nowhere near doing his voice justice and of course, he has his reputation to think about.

karoake night king bar (12)

Then me old mate Zeki came with a couple of his friends and he is always good for a laugh. He sang a couple of Turkish tunes that got the Turks in the bar singing and dancing along with fervour.

karoake night king bar (17)

Like myself, Arzu is another keen Karaoke ‘singer’ and as long as we enjoy it then others pick up on that, despite the lack of technical know how. 😉

I always say, Karaoke is for fun, it’s not an audition for X-Factor and Arzu certainly knows how to enjoy herself.

karoake night king bar (23)

We tried to squeeze as many in the photo as we could at the end of the evening, as you can just see Aynur was there as well and she sang a song or two as well that night.

karoake night king bar (30)

So, although it wasn’t packed the people who came did seem to enjoy it and that’s all that matters. I said I would keep hosting it as long as people turned up, so I have put a notice out for next week. Stay tuned for that.

Here are some video ‘highlights’ from the evening.

The Photos


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