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Yusuf started organising Coffee Meetings in Antalya for Couchsurfers so I popped along for a couple with Ellen. Although I had met her briefly at a Halloween Party that Nob Stewart had hosted, it was here that I chatted properly to Aynur for the first time.

coffee shakers (2)

And a photo after my second visit to the coffee evening.

coffee meeting (2)

Then in January Yusuf and Aynur organised a trip through the Couchsurfers group to pay a visit to Karain Cave which is a Paleolithic archaeological site close to Yağca Village about 25 km Northwest of Antalya.

Let the Hike Begin

I met Yusuf and two more couchsurfers at Migros before setting off on the bus to the Village, where we picked up Aynur on the way as she lives just a few kilometres from the Cave.

It was a surprisingly Sunny day for January and I had brought too many clothes so had to wrap them around me as we walked about 5 km from the bus stop to the Cave, stopping to pick up some fruit from the trees as we went.

It's a long way to go...

The cave is situated at a height of 370m from sea level and about 80 metres up the slope.  Evidence of human habitation dating back 200,000 years has been discovered in the cave, including fragments of a Neanderthal skull.

The posse in the Cave

Although the Cave is not that big it was still worth the trip to pick up on the energy of the place and get a sense of the atmosphere of the cave where people used to live or at least take shelter, a very long time ago.

Billy in Karain Caves

We hung out in the cave for 20 minutes or so then began our walk back to the bus stop. However, we stopped at a local cafe for a tea and a guy was travelling back to Antalya and offered us a lift.  Turkish hospitality wins the day again and after quite a long days walking the trip home was relatively painless.

Karin Caves Local Tea Shop

The Photos


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