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Kaleici Walk (3)

Sometimes I like to just walk around Antalya with my camera and see what catches my eye. Maybe it’s because I am not from here that I see lots of things that I think are worth a quick snap.

Being a comedian myself, I couldn’t resist a photo with one of the greats, Charlie Chaplin. It was in Art Cafe one night that I saw this food machine clip as they were showing it on a big screen as the DJ was playing some tunes. It is now one of my favourite clips of his but my favourite film of his is The Great Dictator.

Kaleici Walk (82)

Later on in the evening, I saw a Bob Marley T-Shirt so I got the seller to take a photo of me and then I put it back in the display without purchasing it. He wasn’t too impressed about that but we had a small chat for a while and he was a cool guy.

Kaleici Walk (122)

I then went to Tudors Bar for a Beer. This is another recently opened bar in Antalya and I quite like it as the music is usually quite eclectic. It is 11TL for a beer there which is 1TL more than the usual going rate but they bring you some Doritos and Popcorn. I don’t know if they took a liking to me or that they do this with everyone but they kept bringing more and more even though I told them I had enough after the first bowl of each.

There plan worked as I ordered another beer as my mouth ended up incredibly salty!

Kaleici Walk (201)

I then took a walk around some shops. I quite liked the two wooden statues in the photo below, especially the one with the love heart rather than the more raunchy one. I must be getting romantic in my old age.

Kaleici Walk (44)

I then popped into a shop close to the Korkut Mosque which once inside was like discovering an Aldaddins Cave of goodies. The owner encouraged me to take lots of photos which you can see in the slideshow below but I think I liked the Frogs and these light shades the most.

Kaleici Walk (191)

There were a lot of magnets in the shop and you can see some of them individually in the slideshow below, although why you would want to is another thing. 😉

Antalya Magnets

I then continued walking around taking photos of things in the street like this whacky rug.

Kaleici Walk (65)

One of the first blogs on my website was painting from a local artist called Haken Tazecan and I met him outside of his shop. He remembered me and gave me a good deal on this T-Shirt which I really liked but unfortunately couldn’t afford as I am a bit skint these days. I told him I would go back and get it when I get flush.

Kaleici Walk (74)

I walked past Sponge Pub and had to take a good photo of their logo, if only so I could show my son who is a fan.

Kaleici Walk (96)

As I was heading towards King Bar again I saw these children hanging around this dog statue and asked their mother if I could take a photo of them. They were a bit reluctant at first but I soon cajoled them into posing for me before their mother whisked them away.

Kaleici Walk (105)

I was hoping this would come out better than it did. Maybe I should have moved my hand out of the way.

Kaleici Walk (106)

After King Bar, it was time to hit the beach for another 2am swim.

Kaleici Walk (217)

Then time to head home, with another cool batch of photos on board.

Billy Selfies

Street and Shop Photos


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