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I was out and about in Kaleici and stopped into Art Cafe to see who was there. I didn’t see anyone I knew apart from Üzüm. Every time I see her I have to get my photo taken with her because she is sooooo beautiful.

I had already taken one with her but then she put on her Leopard skin jacket and as I was wearing my Leopard skin necklace and bracelet, I had a good excuse to ask her for her another one.

Billy and Üzüm

She doesn’t mind really. I’ve told her I am going to keep on taking her photo until we get her on the front cover of Vogue.

I then sat outside with my beer and an old friend of mine called Tugce walked past. She was on the way to a club with two of her friends, Mavi and Yeşim, and asked if I’d like to join them.

Billy, Mavi, Yeşim and Tugçe.

I asked them exactly which bar they were going to and told her I’d think about it. I was intending to get the bus home fairly early as money is a bit tight these days. However, I then met Yusuf and some other friends who are part of the Antalya Couchsurfing group and they invited me to join them.

Billy and the Couchsurfers

I sat for a short while but decided to go clubbing rather than just sit outside in the cold or go home and save money, so I bid them farewell and off I went to Simurg Pub to find Tugçe and her friends.

I met my friend Brian on the way and asked him what he was up to. He said he was going to Tudors Pub and I said ok, I may see you later.

As I turned up at Simurg, Tugce was standing outside so at least I found her easily. I then went inside, ordered beers and got the party swinging.

Yeşim Dancing

After a few beers it was time to hit King Bar, which is a well known late night bar down at the Harbour. I hadn’t been in there in a while and they had changed the position of where the bar was located. I thought the new look looked quite good but as there weren’t too many people there we finished our drinks and went to a small club located just 10 metres away.

The bouncer asked if he could search me to which I replied “Hayir, ben Işkoçdan”. Which means, “No, I’m from Scotland.” I don’t know what that has to do with getting searched or not but the bouncer looked at his boss and he said “Tamam. (ok)” so in I strolled. Tugce looked at me in awe. I just pissed myself laughing.

By this time we were fairly drunk and we just danced our socks off, while taking photos for posterity of this momentous occasion.

Billy and Tugçe

It must have been about 3am when Brian turned up. Tudors Pub must have started to get quiet and Brian and his friends were in no mood to slow down as was demonstrated when Gangnam Style came on.

Gangnam Style

I am not a fan of the song but my son loves it, so I asked a bartender to hold my video camera while I danced with Brian and my friends, so that I could show my son what his father gets up to at 3 in the morning.

Here are the highlights of the evening, including the bar band from Simurg and Gangnam Style in the nightclub.

It was all good fun though and by this time I had given of hope of catching a late night bus and had to get a taxi home. I spent a lot more than I had intended but it was the festive season and I was feeling good so why spoil the party by going home early.

The Photos


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