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I was walking in town when I saw what I thought were some interesting paintings, but when I looked closer it turned out that the artwork was made from old materials.  

The artist’s name is Hikmet Özkaya. In the write up in the brochure she says:

The system in which we live has resulted in society indulging in manic consumption. People are pressured to consume much more than they really need. As a result all our resources are being greedily consumed. Our resources are being exhausted; our time is being wasted and our love and affection are being used up. We have created a wasteful society that consumes without producing.

My belief that we must resist and protest against this situation led me down this path. The tableau called “dance of the papers” was made from irresponsibly produced advertising brouchures. I choose this route both as an incentive to reduce paper consumption and to enforce the concept of “production in spite of consumption” by patiently reusing papers to produce an aesthetically pleasing tableu. The colourful papers dance gracefully to protest against the plunder of our forests the voluntary custodians of our land and country, they resist this pillage and say “stop”!

Ok, I don’t think her English is perfect but you get the idea.  

If you wish to order a catalogue or buy some of her work you can contact her by email at or phone her on 0505 416 87 42.  I think she deserves to be supported.

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