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It was Friday night in Antalya and that usually means it’s the Expat Quiz Night. I don’t usually attend these as it makes me realise how ignorant I am about the Worlds Biggest Rivers or Classic Authors or whatnot. I am not that up to speed on my general knowledge as I spent most of my time at school being the class clown. Who would have guessed eh? 😉

So I usually turn up just as the quiz is finishing. It is usually held in Shakers Pub but for a while it got held in Jungle Bar and as the others were finishing the quiz I was watching this band.

When the quiz had finished Michael and Serap appeared along with Michaels Brother who was visiting from Canada and Ferhan. They wanted to do a pub crawl so I got a quick photo with a bar staff member and headed off with them.

jungle king rave bar (2)

The first place we went to was Simurg Bar as it has live music also and it is a bit busier than Jungle Bar at that time. We stayed for a beer and I got some more snaps, this time with the clientele.

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Michael’s brother then heard rave music coming from Sur Lounge and tried to get in there but the bouncer stopped him, because we were four guys and one girl was his excuse. While I was trying to sweet talk the bouncer into letting me in at a future date and also taking his photo, my friends slipped into the bar next door. However, I didn’t see them and so I headed off to King Bar as someone had mentioned that earlier, even though it was still a bit too early to go down there.

On the way I met an old friend from Adi Bar, Ozkan, who was with his girlfriend. Time for another photo.

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Although King Bar was quiet quite there was a cool band playing, so I watched them and then had a chat with the owner of the bar, Levent.

Before I knew it, the band were joining us and it was…yep, time for another photo.

jungle king rave bar (21)

Levent and I were quite drunk by this time as we both thought it was a good idea to have a Tequila. There is a pond in the bar and apparently that is Tequila Pond as Levent went right in there with his. I, of course, joined him.

jungle king rave bar (28)

It was still too quiet at King Bar and my friends obviously weren’t there. It was at times like that that I wish I kept my phone charged properly. I went back to Sur Lounge area to look for them but couldn’t find them, so I went inside after sweet talking the bouncer again.

jungle king rave bar (30)

The music isn’t my normal cup of tea but I really enjoyed it on this occasion. Here is a sample of the atmosphere inside the club.

Here are I with one of the DJ’s.

jungle king rave bar (34)

And the other DJ is beside me in this one.

jungle king rave bar (49)

Then I met this lovely girl, Hande, who is a fire dancer. I met up with her a couple of days later to watch her show.

jungle king rave bar (51)

I stayed there to about 3am before deciding that I had pushed this night to the max and was time to go home. Oh wait, I managed to squeeze another photo with the guy at the local restaurant who serves Kokereç until the sun comes up. I had one and it was certainly better than the one I had with Sevinç after the Duman concert.

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