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I had just returned from 5 weeks in Scotland to discover that the Friday night Quiz had been moved from Shakers Pub to Jungle Bar. I am not that keen on Trivia Quizes myself (unless it’s about music) because basically my general knowledge is pretty poor and thus they show up my ignorance but I do enjoy the socialising part afterwards so I turned up about 10pm as the quiz was coming to an end.

While it was doing so I stayed in the main bar area to watch the band.

jungle bar (8)

Here I am with the male singer from the band whom I grabbed as he came for a drink at the bar mid-song.

jungle bar (10)

I thought it amusing that the first song I heard on my return to Antalya was Englishman in New York. Obviously I wasn’t an Englishman in New York but I resonated with the line ‘I’m an Alien, I’m a legal Alien’. Then I changed the chorus to ‘I’m a Scottishman in Antalya’.

There is no getting around it that despite how long I’ve lived here I still feel like an outsider…basically because I am. Never mind though, I do have many friends here and it was certainly great to see Serap again. She never lets me down with her Rock’n’Roll posing for the camera.

jungle bar (11)

After the quiz the rest of the expat gang slowly made their way through to the bar area, Brian and Phil being the two of the first.

jungle bar (15)

Here is the head barman along with a beautiful lady who I think also worked there but I can’t be sure. She was helping out a bit that night anyway.

jungle bar (18)

The quizmaster Rob came through to join us along with a girl who’s name I can’t remember and who was leaving Antalya the next day. She was good fun and up for a dance, as was the rest of the crew.

jungle bar (21)

Then my good friend Ozlem appeared with her soon to be husbands Niece, Sarah, who was from Finland.

jungle bar (51)

She wanted to sing along with the band and needed a bit of dutch courage. Obviously Tequilla was the answer. 🙂 She was pretty good too and you can see her performance below.

jungle bar (47)

On the way out I noticed the female singer in the band so managed to get a photo with her and her friends outside the bar. Just so you can recognise the bar if you are ever passing of course. 😉

jungle bar (68)

It was a really fun night and a great welcome back to Antalya. It was like I had never been away. 🙂

The Videos

Jungle Bar Band

Billy Watson – I Will Survive

Phil Aiello – Twist and Shout

Sarah – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Jungle Bar Collective

The Photos


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