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My son expressed an interest in football so I got in touch with Jan Dubbeldam who is a German guy I met a few years ago but who I knew ran a football team for children which he named after the local professional team Antalyaspor but cleverly stuck his name in by calling the youth club Jantalyaspor.

I took my son to his house and we got on the team bus to the 5 a side pitch the game was played on. Here is the team photo of the Under 10’s.


It was enjoyable to see my son play football in a team for the first time. He hadn"t watched much football or even played much football so he didn’t really know what was going on so I ended up pulling my hair out while shouting instructions from the sidelines. Yep, I had turned into my Father.


As you can see there was a good crowd in attendance to watch the superstars of the future.


After the game it was time for some snacks in the clubhouse.


It was a good day out and although we only returned to the club one more time for a training session it was still a good experience for my lad. He is now getting into collecting cards for football players so maybe he’ll be inspired to get out there and kick a ball again in the not too distant future.

If you have a child who would like to play then get in touch with Jan as he is always happy to take on any budding Hakan Şükür‘s out there.

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