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My friend Emily told me about a comedy improv group that perform in Jungle Bar in Kaleici every second Sunday, so I had to go along and check it out even though I knew I wouldn’t understand 90% of what they were talking about due to my severe lack of Turkish comprehension abilities. 

It cost 10 TL entry and with that you got a drink which normally costs around 7-8 TL, so that was good value in my book.  The venue was very suitable for comedy, with a well-lit stage and many tables for people to sit around and enjoy the show.

Emily’s boyfriend Haluk was one of the more vocal audience members when it came to suggestions for the particular game that the performers were enacting, so it seemed only a matter of time before he was incorporated into the show, which indeed he was for a brief 5 minute spell.

ince_ayar 13

He coped quite admirably with the pressure, although he was heckled by his own mobile phone which went off at his table while he was on stage and Emily was panicking trying to switch it off.

After the show I asked one performer who spoke English if he would like to be interviewed to give a bit of background about the group.  I didn’t expect him to return 5 minutes later with the whole group!

We went out to the garden of the bar and, as you will see, it was a very badly lit place to attempt a video interview. But it certainly was good fun chatting to them.  Fortunately, Haluk sat beside me to help smooth out any language barriers.

I asked them what Ince Ayar means in English but didn’t quite get the exact answer.  Ellen looked it up last night on google and says it means Fine Tuning which is a very suitable name for an Improv Group.

Here is my video introduction and a few clips of the performance, followed by the interview in the dark.

If you would like to view more of the performance you can watch it on our YouTube channel here.

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