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I saw the Monster Trucks outside of Migros so I decided I would take my son along to the show.

Here is the blurb from their website. For Generations the family Lemoine have lived in the western corner of Germany as professional show entertainers. They travel all over Europe with various shows and acrobatic attractions.

The relationship between the family members is very strong. They respect and trust one another;whether they have a good day or a bad day mistakes can not be made. This is essential in dangerous stunts or acrobatics. Stunts with Cars, Motorbikes or Monster trucks must be rehearsed repeatedly.

Every stunt would be worked on until it sit´s perfect with no complications.The goal of every Lemoine stuntman is, even higher, faster, further and more spectacular than the day before but with out loosing respect for every stunt.

New stunts are planned and rehearsed for week´s until perfection. “The exciting kick must always reach the audience. The enthusiasm and support from the audience, pushes the adrenaline from every stuntman to his limit.

So I went to the Hot Wheel Brothers Stunt Show at Akdeniz University in Antalya on Thursday night. 

It was a really good show and one which all the family would enjoy.  My wife never came along because she thought it would only be boys and their big car toys but there was also local acrobats which really helped the overall feel of the show as they broke up all the big car and motorbike stunts and were good in their own right.

My boy has just been learning to skip so he was particularly impressed by the skippers who jump with their hands but of course he loved the car stunts the best especially the Hot Monster Trucks

The Hot Wheel Brothers show will be beside the Lunapark in Konyaalti every Thursday to Friday until the end of October so I will go back to see the show to take a copy of my video footage to Mike and Zoey, who I interview in the video below.  Next time I will try to get my son and I a ride in one of the Monster Trucks. 

Show Highlights

Full Show – Including Acrobats pre-show.

The Photos


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