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Ayhan and Zeki of Hash House Harriers who had organised the Pyjama Party came up with the idea of hosting a Hippie Party, which is an idea that you may think better suited to Amsterdam rather than Antalya. However, I reserved my judgement on it and decided to go along to check out the scene… πŸ˜‰

As with the Pyjama Party I didn’t arrive with my proper costume on as I wanted to check out the lay of the land first. When the hosts saw me they were again slightly disappointed as they expect something outlandish from me and so after a couple of photos in front of the psychedelic backdrop I went off to the toilet to get changed.

Playing it cool to start with.

I appeared out of the cubicle just as a Turkish guy walked in. He had to do a double take to make sure that he didn’t go into the Ladies by mistake. We had a good laugh about that as I explained that my look was based on a Tunic that Mick Jagger wore at Hyde Park in 1969.

Ok, where's the Love?

I don’t know if too many other people at the party were aware of that though and so as the night progressed I just said that because I am so much of a hippy I am comfortable expressing my feminine side.

On returning from the toilet I was told that there is a press group photo shoot taking place and to make my way back to the backdrop. No worries on that front as I would be a media whore, given half a chance.

Group Hippies

Then it was time for the Costume competition and although I had won the Pyjama Party comp, I still had high hopes of doing the double. However, after everyone paraded their costumes it was decided that in true Hippie fashion that they couldn’t chose the best and so everyone was a winner. Hogwash!

In the end...we're all winners!

The Party was beginning to liven up at this point and although the band didn’t play many traditional classic Hippie tunes they still did a good job of getting the party swinging.

Rock on Sweetheart!

Ok, so she wasn’t in the band but still worth posting the photo. I’m sure you agree. πŸ˜‰

A famous Turkish actor called Nuri Alço then appeared, much to the delight of the ladies at the party. I think he was a bit of a heartthrob in the Seventies. Two of my good lady friends wanted me to take their picture with him, which is what I should have done.

Instead, I handed the camera to one of his friends and shoved my big head into the photo as well, thus spoiling their opportunity for a nice photo. Still, this one has a certain charm to it. lol.

Sorry Ladies!

The party was now in full swing and when the band stopped they started playing some music from the 50’s and 60’s like Chuck Berry and Creedence Clearwater Revival, which although not Hippie music exactly, at least was in the same era. At this point quite a few women were approaching me to get their photo taken. Needless to say I happily obliged.

Yes, I am God's Gift.

The venue for the party was at Mini City where there are a few different bars and I was told that I was to go with about 20 others to invade what looked to me like a Wedding reception.

It was a bit weird as we all descended upon the place, went up to the dance floor where someone announced that the Hippie Party had arrived and then not much more than a minute later everyone left again.

That is, everyone from our party, except for me. I decided to stay and have a dance as I really liked the Turkish music that was playing. I went into my Belly dancing mode which caused a bit of a reaction that led to one girl getting up from her table and joining me for 10 ten minutes. I even grabbed a Tambourine at one point, although granted I have no idea how to make it sound good, it was great fun nonetheless.

I thought I had just about stayed my welcome and went to leave but as I did I saw Nuri again, this time at a table with 3 or 4 lady friends, one of whom wanted her photo taken with my wig! Who was I to argue?

Nuri wondering what the hell is going on.

I then chatted to Nuri for 5 minutes in my best Pigeon Turkish, explaining that I was an actor of sorts too. He ended up giving me his business card which made some of my lady friends quite envious. Of course, despite their pleading I couldn’t pass on his contact details as I am a man of integrity. Even the offer of some free love wasn’t enough to convince me, as it wasn’t free if it had a condition attached. πŸ˜‰

As I tried to leave again, I got as far as the 10 feet from the door when I started dancing with a group of guys. It is quite commonplace in Turkey for men to dance together so I didn’t think that they had too much Raki and could only see my sexy dress, er sorry, tunic.

"You Dancing?" "You asking?"

They had good fun for a while posing with my hat and wig on. I was happy to let them continue as I was really enjoying the music there, despite it not being psychedelic in the slightest.

"I'm Next", "No I'm Next."

By the time I returned to the Hippie Party it was winding up which was a bit disappointing, especially as I had brought an mp3 full of classic psychedelic hippy tunes which I was hoping to play towards the end of the party. Maybe they played that type of music when I was off galavanting but Icertainlynever heard any.

I was then asked if I wanted to go to party at another adjacent bar and so went there while waiting for some friends to follow me. However, they didn’t appear and I ended up just watching the scene in there. They asked me to join them on the floor to sing slow Turkish songs with feeling, but on this occasion I was happy just to observe.

Turkish Party

Here are video highlights from the evening

As the last party wound down I thought it was time to go home and so removed my hat and wig and jumped on my motorbike, while still wearing the rest of my costume. I got a few strange looks and cars beeping their horn as they noticed my outfit, especially at traffic lights. You can see I look a bit windswept by the time I got home.

Windswept and interesting!

A few days later photos from the Party appeared in two different newspapers, which I bought two copies of each as my son wanted to keep a copy of them as well.

Can you spot me?

A couple of days later he asked me if I was famous. I said that I am more infamous than famous and asked why he asked. He said my name was in the newspaper. As it was in Turkish I hadn’t read it but it turned out that I had been named as a Scottish comedian although I’m not sure in what context. I trust it was good but I can’t be too

Fame at Last!

Even though, for better or worse, there was no Brown acid going around, all in all it was certainly another great evening in Antalya. πŸ™‚

The Photos


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