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So on the day after the wedding my friend Pat and his wife Latife, who is Sevinç’s sister were suppossed to be taking us all to Goynuk Canyon but when we called Pat, he had made other plans. Apparently it is because Sevinç didn’t confirm it.

Sevinç’s car was in the garage being repaired so we felt like we were all dressed up for the Ball and had nowhere to go. After a bit of deliberation we said ‘screw it’ and hired a car and took ourselves there anyway.

goynuk canyon (136)

It was 5TL for us to enter the area where the Canyon is and as I said in previous blogs I really resent having to pay to walk in nature but thems the rules these days, so pay it we did.

It only took about 5 minutes before we came to the first potential swimming area. Here is Sevinç weighing up the scene.

goynuk canyon (7)

I didn’t hang about though and through my Scottish Bravado I jumped in for to sample the water. In a word? Let’s say, refreshing.

I found a spot to sit at the other end of the pool area but I got a bit of a fright when something started touching my feet. I looked down to see many of those small fish which like to eat dead skin.

Brilliant, I paid £10 to get that done in a shopping centre in Edinburgh, so at least this helped recuperate some of the 5TL entry fee. 🙂

I got an even bigger fright though when I felt something heavier land on my lap and looked down to see a pretty big frog. I let out a scream and it jumped off pretty quickly, thankfully.

goynuk canyon (12)

On the sign we saw that we still had quite a bit of walking to do before reaching the Canyon so we didn’t stop for a bit to eat at the restaurant.

goynuk canyon (47)

They had the standard Hamburger and Chips type menu and also offered some fish. The prices were slightly higher than usual but not exceedingly high.

goynuk canyon (45)

It may have been worth paying a bit over the odds though as they had 3 or 4 of these very cool little water houses to eat your meal.

goynuk canyon (48)

After walking about 2 miles up the side of a mountain and back down again we arrived at the main part of the Canyon.

goynuk canyon (97)

Not so long ago, anyone could go up the Canyon but now a private company works with the government to ensure people’s ‘safety’ and charge 25TL per person for the privilage of using their helmet and vest. They didn’t allow you to go up there if you didn’t pay which as I am sure you can guess by now, thrilled me no end. If I could speak Turkish I would have argued my case a bit more but I just caved in and handed over the magical pieces of paper that everyone craves these days and you can’t do diddily squat without it seems.

Still, at least we looked good in the photos.

goynuk canyon (108)

Unfortunatly we couldn’t take the camera up the Canyon and I wasn’t giving any more money to get my photo taken be the ‘crew’ so I can’t show you what it’s like, which is actually pretty good if you are thinking of going yourself because I won’t spoil the surprise. Although it didn’t take that long to swim up it, I have to say it was awesome and ok, I’m glad I did pay the fucking money as it would have been a shame not to see it.

Here is the guy who took the cash. He was a decent bloke, just doing his job, as they all are. 😉

goynuk canyon (116)

Then we began the walk back, through a bit of a forest, to the car. The scenery was stunning so be sure to check it out in the slideshow photos below.

goynuk canyon (119)

I couldn’t resist cuddling this tree trunk on the way.

goynuk canyon (134)

We stopped for a swim at the first swimming area again and then drove back to Antalya, which is only about 25 minutes drive away, so well worth the visit if you are in town.

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