Goodbye Ebru

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One of my most important friendships in Antalya is no doubt my one with Ebru. I have known her for quite a few years and we get together every few months or so to catch up. I couldn’t leave town without doing so again, so it was back to the Rockbul for Pool.

billy ebru last night (12)

It has to be said though, that I was on pretty top form that night and she received a good whooping!

billy ebru last night (14)

Out of all the times I had been to Rockbul this was the first time I noticed this sign.

billy ebru last night (16)

I hadn’t had a photo with the Bar manager before though, so I needed to correct that.

billy ebru last night (23)

Then it was walkabout Kaleiçi time. God knows, why I needed Sunglasses at night.

billy ebru last night (26)

Time for a quick photo on the Love Boat.

billy ebru last night (31)

Then it was time to say Goodbye Ebru!! I love you! x

billy ebru last night (38)

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