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I hadn’t seen Ebru since a night out I had with her just before I left Antalya last October.

Billy and Ebru

She was one of my best friends here and so I was really looking forward to seeing her again but it took a few weeks before she could was free as she was waiting for the result from her University exam and until she got that she didn’t feel like going out.

I got a pleasant surprise one night when she gave me a call and so within an hour or so I had joined her in our usual meeting place, Rockbull.

She told me that she had passed her exams and is now awaiting a placement somewhere in Turkey as a music teacher.

After a beer there we popped into Road House to check out the scene as she hadn’t been there before. This was the band that was playing but it was still early so it was pretty quiet.

ebru night (3)

So we were on the move again, looking for somewhere else to hang out and as we did my artistic eye so these ripped up posters on a scabby wall and thought it would make a cool photo, so I asked Ebru to pose for me which she duly did.

ebru night (6)

We ended up in Gaga Bar which was even quieter than Road House as there was no-one in there at all apart from the Barmaid and ourselves. We took advantage of that situation though by getting her to take a couple of photos of us. Always look for the positive in any situation, that’s my motto.

ebru night (8)

I then spotted John Goodman pointing a gun and so of course, I couldn’t resist this photo opportunity.

ebru night (11)

Then we sat outside Gaga bar for a while and we made a cute new friend. Then it was time to hit the road.

ebru night (13)

Hopefully I’ll see her again sometime before she is allocated a job placement which could be anywhere in Turkey as anyone that is how the system operates here, once the student teacher passes the exam they have to do 3 years in a placement of the governments choosing. Let’s hope she gets somewhere where she will be settled and happy.

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