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As I was walking around on another Friday night in Kaleici I caught the atttention of this shopkeeper. He took a liking to my glasses and we stopped for a chat. He decided that although I am not a Muslim per se, that I am still in touch with Allah. Or onotherwords he thought I was cool. It’s amazing what Groovy shades can do for you.

friday night (1)

My first port of call was Gaga Bar but as it was still quite early, about 10pm, I was the only one in there. Still, I had a wee dance to myself and I kept the DJ happy while the place filled up.

friday night (6)

Then I went to Roadhouse Bar. It had opened in year I was in Scotland and they have live music with a rock flavour so it suits me quite well. I met a few friends in there that I haven’t seen for a while. First up, was the gorgeous Özüm who used to work in Art Cafe. She was certainly one of the most beautiful barmaids I have ever met. Incredibly photogenic and everytime I saw her I hat to take her photo so I saw no need to make an exception this night.

friday night (10)

Then I saw Hayati. We have hung out together a few times mainly through our mutual friend, Banu, but as he and I were alone on this occassion we teamed up for the rest of the evening, despite the fact that his English is as good as my Turkish we had a lot of fun.

friday night (12)

Then I met the lovely Ferhan who I partied with on a few occasions before and who I even met up with on a trip to Olympos one time, along with some other friends.

friday night (13)

Around 2am I went with Hayati down to King Bar where I met Şerefe. Şerefe means Cheers in Turkish and every time I see her I am in a pub, so Şerefe indeed!

friday night (18)

I then got talking to a couple of young lads from Sweden. They were here for a few days so I gave them a few pointers. I met up with them a day or so later as well as they were staying close to my ex-wife’s apartment in Konyaalti.

friday night (22)

In fact, I shared a taxi back to Konyaalti with them and was going to kip on their sofa as it was quite late and I didn’t want to wake up the people who I was staying with. However, I saw that they were quite nervous to let a strange man come to their apartment so I let it slide and instead I headed to the Beach, passing the Russian Dolls on the way.

friday night (25)

Although I only slept for an hour or two on the Beach, it was pretty cold without a blanket and as soon as the sun came up I went for a swim before going back to where I was staying.

friday night (31)

The next time I went out I took a key with me. 😉

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