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The last game of football I played didn’t kill me but this one almost did. It was only supposed to last for one hour but as there was no-one on after us we kept playing. At the one hour 15 minute mark I had to put my hand up and say I had enough.

It wasn’t so much my back that was hurting me this time but one of my muscles in my leg. Alison and Aynur were watching from the sidelines and I was getting a bit irate at one point and I had this mad battle to win the ball in the corner of the pitch. I could hear those two laughing as I fought for it and I pulled a muscle in the process. I did win the ball though, so that’s the main thing.

footie night 3 (5)

Actually though, the main thing was the score and we lost again. Well, as I always console myself by saying, it’s the taking part that counts. I did really enjoy playing football again but I was in a lot of pain for 3 days afterwards with my back and after this time I had to announce that my footie career is officially over. It was a brief comeback but all good things must come to an end. Just like Dakota’s T-Shirt says, I ain’t no Superman.

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One of our team had some Technics headphones on and I asked if I could listen to what music he was playing. The music was cool but I really couldn’t believe the sound quality. Wow. It was like being transported to another dimension of superior sound. Now I know why football players only take them off to play football.

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