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I had met Hande a couple of nights before at a Rave Club and she told me she was a Fire Dancer. I asked her when her next show was and she told me on Friday night so I appeared with my camera, as per usual.

It was pretty cool to be the guy who helps the Fire Dancer lady. When I say help, I mean that I had a lighter so she could get the ball rolling and after that I took a back seat.

fire starter (3)

She put on a great performance and not just with the fire but also in going around the tables asking for donations afterwards. If only I was that good at getting money from people at the Free Gigs I’ve performed, I may have lost slightly less than I did…financially speaking anyway.

After her show we headed back to the Sur Lounge area where I had met her and hooked up with these guys for a while outside. I had my music box with me and they liked my tunes. I loved the guys Charlie Chaplin T-Shirt.

fire starter (21)

After a while, it was time to head off, but not before another Selfie with oor Hande.

fire starter (23)

Just as I was about to leave though, out of the blue pops Mehmet, me old friend and DJ of the infamous Adı Bar. Great to see him again.

Billy and Mehmet

Then time to get home before I started on the Tequila.

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