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So there was time for one more party before I left town. I was leaving very early on Saturday morning so this was on the Thursday night. I didn’t expect a big turn out as most people came to say goodbye to me on the Friday evening but I knew Tim would be there and that was a start.

I said on facebook I would be playing some tunes in Mr Blues from 9pm and then waited to see who turned up. I arrived dressed in reasonably sensible clothes and met this Rocker at the bar.

final going away party (3)

Not long after, Tim turned up as well as Sevinç and her cousin and after a while I thought it was time to break out my costume and wigs to really get the party going. Great to see Mustafa, the owner of Sefa Hamam, turn up with some of his friends.

final going away party (28)

I had met Petra on the way to the pub and told her about the party and she joined us as well.

final going away party (36)

At this point the wigs were getting passed around like Hot Potatoes.

final going away party (53)

And the Tequila’s were flowing fairly rapidly also.

final going away party (58)

Tim was certainly enjoying the action. He hadn’t seen me in full on Wig mode before.

final going away party (66)

I was playing some good party favourites and the folks were responding well, in fact a little too well as bottles were getting smashed. Münir was a bit anxious here that another one didn’t get smashed on face.

final going away party (83)

Sometimes I don’t even tell them and they stick out their tongue..

final going away party (86)

One last photo with Mr Blues himself before we headed off to Simurg Bar.

final going away party (108)

It didn’t take long to make an impression in there. Tim was lovin’ it big time at this point.

final going away party (111)

I was getting on rather well with Gizem, who I had met for the first time.

final going away party (112)

Her father was game for a laugh as well.

final going away party (127)

I didn’t know that was the father when I was cuddling the three sisters together.

final going away party (133)

It’s amazing what a few wigs will do on a night out in Turkey.

final going away party (148)

For some reason this made sense at the time.

final going away party (173)

Tim and Sevinç get into character.

final going away party (206)

We went to King Bar but it was quiet and then tried to get into Tudors Pub but I wouldn’t let my bag get searched and so they never let us in there but it was late by that time anyway so we headed to the Pastry shop. While there I met another close friend Banu. I was delighted to see her before I left and we had a good drunken heart to heart.

final going away party (234)

She was with Skye who I hadn’t seen for ages and who had just moved back to Mersin in Turkey from America where he had stayed for a few years.

final going away party (236)

Then time to go back to Tim’s via the singing frogs.

final going away party (237)

I was determined to get some action that night.

final going away party (239)

I found a pair of guitar glasses that I of course had to utilise.

final going away party (242)

And that was the end of a great final party night in Antalya. What do you think? Do you think I went out with enough of a bang? I think I done Ok. I gave Tim all the tips I had and left it up to him to carry on the mantle…..

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