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Although it was the tail end of the summer it was still warm enough to have a barbeque on Lara Beach. In Scotland it would still have been Heatwave weather.

ferhan barby

Ferhan invited myself so I invited Tim and also the group that we met the night we were out playing pool. Ferhan supplied the groceries and the Turkish men take care of the cooking of meat, no problem.

ferhan billy barby (1)

One of the girls from the group, Wendy, was actually Chinese and she was a fun girl so Ferhan grabbed her for dance which she loved.

ferhan billy barby (6)

Unfortunately due to my bad Turkish, I couldn’t talk much to the guys but we still got on well…the beer, wine and sausages helped. 🙂

ferhan billy barby (12)

Quite a few dogs like the sausages too but they didn’t get too many of those. We did give them some bones though and that kept them happy.

ferhan billy barby (18)

I had actually met the girl on my left a year or so before when I met her parents at a wedding Ellen and I attended. I actually knew them then as I had met them at the British Ambassador’s party at the Sheraton a few years back. I invited them to the Halloween fancy dress party and the parents as well as the daughter came along. She was a very intelligent bright girl and I gave her some words of my wisdom…..mainly don’t drink as much as I do.

ferhan billy barby (19)

The Photos

When everyone had left I went back to Ferhans for a couple of aperitif’s. I saw he had some funny hats and the fun began….

BeFunky_Cartoonizer_233.jpg (2)

BeFunky_ferhan billy barby (30).jpg


The BEFunky Hat Photos


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