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Every Tuesday night the Couchsurfers get together for a language and culture exchange meeting organised by my friend Yusuf.  

This week however, instead of sitting beside the Hidirlik Tower and having a Çay or a Cola or whatever, Ellen suggested going along to Favori Restaurant in Kaleiçi where her friend was hosting a Karaoke night as a new business venture.  

I am always keen to support people when they make an effort to do something, not to mention the fact I love bursting eardrums so I was happy to go along.

Ellen sung a couple of songs first as I didn’t want to make a splash too early and so she eased us into the singing zone with her lovely voice.  

I told Mahsun to stick on I Will Survive but wasn’t too happy when Ellen started singing it.  I joined in a bit but I can’t do my stuff when sharing a mic so I backed off and left her to finish it.

Ellen Rabiner on Karaoke

I then requested Suspicious Minds. I gave the camera to Ellen telling her that it was recording but she must have pushed the start button which in fact stopped it.  This was a shame as I just about burst my balls to put in an awesome performance.  

The Turkish people in the audience were quite stunned at what they had just witnessed but an American Lady, Lisa, practically had to go and change her underwear as she found it highly amusing.

I was trying to get her to sing a song but she insisted I sing another.  The choice wasn’t that great as Mahsun had only just started his collection and had about 10 DVD’s to choose from.  Ellen helped my settle on Frank Sinatra’s My Way.  

There are only some songs I can sing effectively so sometimes it can be hard to find one that suits.  I can’t sing so I need ones I can murder beyond the point of enjoyment for the ears and bring it to entertainment for the soul. 

Fortunately, My Way done the job this time although I have to say, at the time I thought it was better than it actually looks on this playback.  My singing is definitely better experienced live for the full effect.  Lisa again was impressed, Ellen, the opera singer, not so. 🙂

A Turkish lady then gave us a few tunes and I got up to dance with her for a bit during the slow section of one of them.  Everyone, apart from the lady who complained that I was shouting, seemed to have a great time. 

Couchsurfers at Karaoke

Here I am with Mahsun the Karaoke host. He assures me he will have a much larger collection of songs to choose from next time.  I’m just surprised he wanted me back. 🙂

Favori Karaoke

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