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Billy and Jocelyn

So there was much written about the so called ‘End of the World’ date of December 21st 2012.  It was obviously the most anticipated date in recent human history and some may have said it was a non-event but although it may have been barely noticeable to most people I myself thought that something shifted on that day.

I think it was more than just the relief of being able to put the day behind us and hopefully realise that no-one, no entity,aliens or magical day is going to come to save us and thus we have to sort out the mess we are in ourselves.

I think that in itself is quite a liberating yet challenging prospect but I also feel that although there will be some growing pains on the way, that life will gradually get more positive for most people as we start to implement changes which will allow us to live up to our full potential.

Here in Antalya, on that day my friends Tina and Ersin had organised an ‘End of the World’ party.  I wasn’t even sure if I was going to go as I am trying to stay in the present moment as much as possible these days and follow what my heart tells me.

So rather than go straight to the party I was wondered around Kaleici for a bit and my instincts took me to Mr Blues Bar.  Over the past few years I have popped into Mr Blues and have chatted to the owner Münir about putting on some kind of entertainment but he was always quite adamant that it was a non-starter.

I had recently attempted to organise one open mic night at Shakers which didn’t go ahead and was trying to talk to the owner there about doing another one but after I entered Mr Blues I knew right away that this place would be perfect for it.

As I say,  I felt like something shifted that day and so talked to Münir with renewed enthusiasm and said ‘I will host an open mic night somewhere in Kaleici but this is my number one choice, what do you say?’.

I was actually a bit surprised when he said ‘Ok’ although he did have one stipulation that I couldn’t play any musical instruments because of a particular permit that he was still to acquire for that bar to be able to do that. No worries, I was just happy to secure the right venue.

The bar reminds me of an Edinburgh pub and he always plays good music too. After Adı Bar, it was always my next favourite bar in Antalya and now that Adı Bar is closed… it is number one.

After I had arranged that, I got chatting to Seda and her friend for a while and said that I was going to a party and would invite them by text once I had located the exact location. I now felt ready to go to the ‘End of the World’ party.

Billy, Seda and Friend

The only thing was on arriving at the party and seeing so many people that I knew, that by the time I had said ‘Hello’ to most of them I’d forgotten about the fact I’d promised to text Seda to tell her where it was.  As it happens we have met since and she’s forgiven me.

I was happy to see Greg there and I especially loved his T-Shirt.  Everybody, say ‘Cheese!’

Billy and Greg - Say Cheese

I then popped my head out into the smokers area in the garden where Caner introduced me to Jocelyn.  We hit it off pretty quickly as she has spent a few years living in Edinburgh and so ‘got’ my sense of humour.

For instance, within 5 minutes of meeting we were taking photos of us doing cross eyes, although she struggles to do it and keep her eyes open at the same time.

Billy and Jocelyn

Tina and Ersin were sitting beside us and so I asked them to do a cross eyed pose as well.  I thought it was a great photo but to be honest I was a little bit naughty with it because I made the video below and posted it on facebook without telling anyone that it was a particular pose, so they may have well thought that they were both on heavy drugs. lol.

Sorry about that guys, it was actually meant as a compliment because every time I see them they seem so happy and in love and I thought the sentiment and the photo matched the song. It was also a way of saying ‘Thanks’ for putting the night together but I’m not sure they appreciated it. 🙂

Here’s a nice photo of Tina just to prove she hadn’t completely lost her marbles.

Billy and Tina

While I was sitting in the garden, Ellen appeared to ask me ‘Are you in a new dimension yet?’  To which I replied, ‘Yes’.  As I say, I felt the energy that day and responded accordingly.

Ferhan, who I had just met, thought this answer was hilarious and we started having a good laugh and getting to know each other after that.  He said ‘Yep, life is all about perception. How do we know you’re not.’ and with that it was time for a tongue’s out photo.

Billy and Ferhan

Yep, silliness is a feature of the new dimension as well.

By around midnight most folks had left by there was a few of the hardcore drinkers still in the garden and by this time I was playing my portable party machine as the bar had switched the music off.  As people were paying their tab Jocelyn and I had a rocking good dance to Little Richard which impressed the bar owner no end. I like to leave an impression.

Billy and Bar Owner

Some of the crowd headed off to Shaker but Art Cafe was closer so myself and a few friends went there, including Caner, Kevin, Vicky, Petra and Jocelyn.

Billy, Kevin and Caner

Billy, Vicky, Petra and Jocelyn

By this time I was fairly how we say in Scotland ‘fairly rat arsed’ and although the DJ was playing Dance music that sounded like a car alarm going off, Jocelyn and I were pretending we were on Ecstacy at a night club back in the day and were dancing our socks off.  Well, for about 5 minutes until the shitness of the music finally took all the fun right out of it.  You can only pretend for so long.

Thankfully though the DJ packed up and I was able to stick a few of my songs from the MP3 stick that I had. It wasn’t long after that we were being kicked out though.  It was half past two. Time flies when you are having fun.

So, Jocelyn and I went to get a taxi back to Konyaalti and on the way there we thought it a good idea to give a taxi man the camera and get him to take a photo of her kicking me.  It made sense at the time.  Unfortunately though she missed my ass and kicked the base of my spine where I had an operation last year. Good one Jocelyn. 😉

Jocelyn Kicks Billy

We popped into say hi to Yaşar at Shakers and had to pose with the inflatable Santa that was on the door.

Billy, Jocelyn and Santa

Then Jocelyn attempted to maul him…..

Jocelyn and Santa

So that was more or less that, a pretty epic night. The end of the world didn’t arrive but I feel like life had turned the corner and it is going to be onwards and upwards all the way from now on.

If you don’t believe then you have got no chance anyway so why not take the positive outlook? That’s my motto and I’m sticking to it….although I should perhaps inject a burst of realism into it, as my financial situation is pretty bleak right now and optimism doesn’t get you anything without practical implementation.

Hopefully both myself and the world in general will catch onto this in the not too distant future and we can start creating a world where people are free to become who they are. That to me is what this particular time signifies. The tide is turning folks and all we got to do is step up to the plate. Let’s get it on. 😉

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