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The performers at the Antalya Efes Blues Festival this year were Cedric Burnside, Billy Branch and Smokin Joe Kubek & Bnois King.

efes 2012

This year I went to the Efes Blues Festival with Ellen. I think she may have had a dodgy pint though because unknown to me she was sick and had to leave the gig early. Oh well, all the more Beer for me. 😉

Efes Blues Festival 2012 (9)

After his set I met and interviewed Cedric who is the Grandson of the Blues Legend R.L Burnside.

Efes Blues Festival 2012 (5)

Cedric Burnside Interview

During Smokin Joe’s set I met Yaşar, the owner of Shakers Pub.

Efes Blues Festival 2012 (24)

Then I bumped into a friend you may have seen on the site before, Steve.

Efes Blues Festival 2012 (35)

When the Headline act was on I went outside and met and interviewed the drummer from Smokin Joe’s band, Michael Fowler.

Efes Blues Festival 2012 (49)

Michael Fowler Interview

I met him because my good friend Ebru was talking to him and introduced me. After the interview we went into Kaleiçi together for a drink.

Efes Blues Festival 2012 (57)

Stopping off on the way back to Michael’s hotel, (we couldn’t let him find his way back after taking him through the maze of Kaleiçi) for some photos with the frogs. It had to be done! 😉

Efes Blues Festival 2012 (63)

Efes Blues Festival Overview

Cedric Burnside

Billy Branch 1

Billy Branch 2

Billy Branch 3

Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King

The Photos


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