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The Efes Blues Festival this year fell on my 40th Birthday. I had played it quite low key on facebook and whatnot and not told many people it was my birthday as I don’t like a big fuss over it….or at least that’s what I tell myself to avoid disappointment. lol.

My good friend Banu, had got me a free ticket as she works for the council and so the night was off to a good start.

Billy and Banu

As the place was getting busy we met some of our friends Aysun, Louise, Serap and another one of their friends. 🙂

Billy, Aysun, Louise, Serap and Friend

Mehmet and Ümit who are the barmen from the best bar in the world ever, Adı Bar, were also there.

Serap, Mehmet, Ümit and Aysun

Later on in the evening I met my friend Steve and his wife and parents, so it was certainly a sociable occasion. In fact, I ended up dancing old style rock and roll with Steve’s mum and she exhausted me!

Steve's Mum and Dad.

The artists on the tour this year were Rick Esterin and Lucky Peterson and John Mooney.

Rick Esterin 1

Rick Esterin 2

Lucky Peterson 1

Lucky Peterson 2

Lucky Peterson 3

Jam Session

By the end of the show the cat was out of the bag regarding my Birthday so the ladies suggested we go to Adı Bar to finish the night and who was I to argue? When we werethere, Aysun and Serap popped out to buy some Brownies to use for birthday cakes.

Billy and the Ladies with my Birthday Cakes

Then came the best bit of the night and indeed one of the best moments of my life. I have a reputation for being an awesome pole dancer gained from going mental on the support pole in Adı Bar. The Ladies were asking me to dance for them but I resisted, so Aysun asked Mehmet to play ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’ by Tom Jones at which point I caved in and started dancing for them.

Little did they know though, that I had a surprise in store for them as I thought something like that could happen. I was wearing a thong with a Scottish Kilt bit on the front of it. If you goto my Pyjama Party blog you can see it there. Well, towards the end of the dance I went right up to their table and pulled my trousers down at which point they all nearly died from either shock or laughing…probably both!

All the men in the bar left immediately which made the ladies laugh even more and as I said ‘I got you’ to them, I gave them all a High Five. It was hilarious, even though I do say so myself and certainly a great way to celebrate my 40th birthday. I’ll certainly treasure that memory, although one or two of the girls may be scarred for life. lol.

Video Blog

Beware, you may also be scarred for life if you watch this video blog I recorded after I home that very evening.

Birthday Party

Here is a wee clip from my birthday party with my son.

The Photos


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