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While I was walking around Kaleiçi in Antalya I bumped in Deniz, or rather he bumped into me.  Basically he is a man who calls himself a tour guide and indeed he is, although I don’t think he works under a license of any description, so good on him.

He started telling me about the history of this and that and as I don’t know much about the history of Antalya it all sounded good to me so I let him continue.

He started telling me about this old Mosque and so I asked if we could go inside and he could tell the story on camera, which he was more than happy to do.  I found what he had to say quite interesting and I hope you do too. 

Afterwards we went for a walk around Kaleiçi, finding a nice spot to drink some beer and play music on my portable stereo.  We had a nice afternoon together and of course I had to tip him for his friendly service.


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