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At the Beach the night before, Sevinç invited me to join her for a day at Olympos. As it is one of my favourite places to visit on Earth and given that Sevinç is a good friend, how could I refuse? Simply put, I couldn’t and so after getting up at 7am I was soon on Çirali beach, the adjacent village which shares the same beach as Olympos.

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I stayed under the Umbrella for a good while and then had we went for a swim. There were some small fish that were taking the odd bite from our legs that was more annoying than painful but Sevinç wasn’t taking that well at all, which was a bit of a problem as we had swam quite a bit out and so I had to coax her back to the shoreline, bit by bit…or should I say bite by bite. lol.

We then decided to walk along to the Olympos end of the Beach as it has a nice bit of shade at the far end. We stopped for a bit to eat on the way.

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There were quite a few daredevils climbing up this rock and jumping off. In my old wild days I’d have done the same but these days I just think that I could do without the hospital bills if anything goes wrong, so I was content to be an observer.

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We decided to visit Chimerea mountain to see the fires that come out of it and so we headed off before it started to get dark so we could be there for the sunset.

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After we took a couple of wrong turns we eventually found the car park that is situated at the start of the mountain trail.

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They were renting small torches for 5TL but we chose not to purchase those but we couldn’t avoid paying the 5TL to climb the mountain. I really resent paying for nature anywhere in the world so I had to do some deep breathing to stay calm. It is about a 40 minute walk up the mountain to the fires but eventually we made it.

It is certainly worth the trip though as I hadn’t seen anything like this before.

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There were a few families and I watched in horror as one child was allowed to climb a large stone without supervision from his parents, only to come crashing down to earth with a bump. Thankfully, I don’t think any real damage was down but he certainly hurt himself.

We stayed and watched the Sun go down and played some Van Morrison while it did. Then it was time to find our way back to the Car Park. It was at this point that I wished I rented a torch as my mobile phone wasn’t the best form of lighting to help us navigate the many boulders and steps on the path.

football night and olympos sevinc (65)

Still, we made it in one piece and my fiver was still in my pocket, so it worked out ok. I couldn’t resist a photo with the welcome sign though. Thankfully Sevinç was there to take it as it would have been quite a difficult Selfie to get it all in.

football night and olympos sevinc (70)

As it was now quite late we decided to stay the night. We should have just got a place in Çirali but we decided to goto Olympos. Someone gave us directions for the short road between the two villages but we didn’t follow them very well and ended up going way up the mountain to the main road and then back down another 7km into Olympos, which we could have done without.

We were both tired so we just had a bite to eat and then went to bed. It was only when I took my T-Shirt off did I realise that I wouldn’t be getting much sleep that night. It was agony for quite a few days afterwards. It was a good reminder that even if you are in the Sea or under the Shade, you still need to put Suntan Cream on if you have flurouscent skin like mine. Ouch!

football night and olympos sevinc (72)

The Pansiyonwas 50TL each including a very nice breakfast which we enjoyed before heading back to Antalya around Mid-day.

Ah yes, I am settling back to life here pretty well. 🙂

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