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My friend Big Andy bought a bike recently so he could lose some weight by going on a bike ride for an hour every night. I said I would join him because I need some exercise because too much time in front of my computer means I am heading the way of BIG Andy fairly quickly myself but like all best laid plans it took me a while to get around to it.

When I turned up a geezer called Don was there who has been living fairly close to me for the past year but I hadn’t met him before.

Don on Bike Ride

So we set of on our ride to Çakirlar. I took a few photos on the way but the most interesting part of the trip was seeing a dead Turkey on the road and watching the reaction of the other Turkeys. I thought they looked distressed and I thought one was trying to move it off the road but the other guys thought there was something more deviant going on.

If you look at the photos I will let you be the judge of that. lol. 

cakilar_bike_ride (31)

One thing about living in Antalya is that it is easy to forget that there is some really great country roads just behind the town centre which are well worth exploring.

It has been a couple of weeks since I went on the bike ride and I need to start going regularly because the bread here is too tasty and I need to burn it off somehow.


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