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I recently paid a visit to Çakırlar Market which is a 20 minute Dolmus ride from my apartment in Konyaalti. On arriving the first thing that I noticed that it was a market, sure, but that it was on either side of a main road!! Ok, fair enough.

The market itself wasn’t that big or particularly special but its main attraction is the amount of eating places where each family or group of people have their own private well for want of a better word…tent.

Gozleme (a pastry with different fillings) seems to be the order of the day. So of course we had to sample 3 of them with the feta cheese one being my favourie and we some Ayran (yogurt drink) and a nice big pot of tea to wash it down. When I go to restaurants here I always take advantage of the free glasses of tea they offer at the end of the meal, usually having at least two sometimes 3 of them. I think I got about 8 of them out of the pot and that was sharing it with my wife.

I was thoroughly tea’d out by the end of it…but happily so. They were selling antiques and models cars and motorbikes at my favourite stall but the best things were two gramaphones which were in working order and selling for 350 YTL which is about 100 pound, which I thought was a bargain for the condition they were in. I would have bought one but for two reasons, I didn’t have 350 YTL on me and I don’t have any records to play on them.

My other favourite was a Pinochio puppet which I would have bought if I had 30 YTL on me but as it was, I didn’t. I had my bus fare home and that was about it. We then had to wait for the Dolmus home again, which took about an hour as when I said the market was on a main road, it is still out of the way a wee bit so it wasn’t the usual 5 minute wait for a suitable Dolmus. By this time it was getting dark and I was missing the Premiership footie on the Telly so I was getting slightly irritable and a little cold. So cold in fact I even had to put my jumper on!! Now get this, when the Dolmus did arrive my boy decides he wants Strawberries.

We’d stood waiting for a bus for an hour beside this stall and now he wants Strawberries and of course my Turkish wife has to keep the boy happy at all times. So I get on the Dolmus with the boy and the buggy while my wife places her bag on the steps of the Dolmus and rummages through her handbag for what must have been at least 3 minutes although it seemed like 20, before she eventually finds it, buys the Strawberries and gets on the bus…and nobody bats an eyelid at this…including the driver!!

I was getting super tense as I was thinking how if I done that in Scotland, I don’t think the general response would have been quite the same. But this slower more relaxed way of life and taking the unexpected twists and turns of life in their stride is one of the things that I love about living here.

We got home and I ran into the house to see the second half of what game was on and it was Middlesborough…again. Why are Middlesbourgh on all the time? Because a Turkish international called Tuncay plays for them thats why. I wouldn’t mind so much but Middlesborough are pretty awful to watch….most of the time. However this time was the exception as they beat Arsenal 2-1 with Tuncay scoring a classic. So all in all, a good day.

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  • Anonymous
    February 3, 2008

    So, is that market outside of the city? I wish you’d give more directions 😉

  • Billy Watson
    February 4, 2008

    Well, first of all thank you for posting the first comment on the blog. I appreciate that.

    For your information Cakilar is a small village just outside of Antalya.

    To get there you need to goto the large Migros in Konyaalti and keep driving west until you come to the Turkay Hotel.

    Turn right at the traffic lights and carry on until the traffic lights at the end of that road.

    Turn left at these and keep on the same road for 4km and you will reach Cakilar.

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