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On my last visit to Denizli, Ellie, one of the teachers wanted to visit Buldan as it is close-by (46 km away) and well known for it’s textile industry. It has a population of about 15,000 and it’s hillsides are covered with various fruits like Pomegranate, Figs and Blackberries.

Every town in Turkey seems to have a statue of Atatürk and here is Buldan’s.


As you can see it sits in front of the Town Council Building.


There were some engraved panels in the town centre also.


Here is the start of the local weekly fruit and veg market sitting in front of the Town Mosque.


Enjoying a salty yoghurt drink called Ayran with a friend of one of the teachers.

bordan (16)

The two teachers enjoying their meal in a main street of the town. You can see some of the textile shops in the background.

bordan (15)

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