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A local band called Blue Life which played regularly at the Rock Bar in Antalya were splitting up and they held a party at King Bar to say goodbye to friends.

I thought they would play on the evening but it turned out that another band performed instead. They were very good also and I was taken aback even to hear a cover version of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir.

I was also pleased to see a lot of friends who I hadn’t seen for a while including Leyla, Derya and Cenk.

blue_life_party (4)

It was also good to see Nur and Ferhan who I had been to Olympos with a while back.

blue_life_party (6)

And I am always delighted to see Banu again. I hadn’t seen her for a while so it was good to catch up although we talked a lot about Turkish politics as Revolution was in the air at the time.

blue_life_party (8)

I also made some new friends Anita and Joanna who had just arrived from Poland about a week previously to do a University course here.

blue_life_party (9)

As I knew I didn’t have much longer to stay in Antalya before leaving I appreciated seeing them all the more.

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