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On returning from Scotland I needed a place to stay and fortunately Alper and Alison let me stay with them for a while, until I got myself sorted.

On Alper’s birthday we had played football with some of the younger dudes in the site at the football pitch they have there and afterwards we went for a swim. Then it was time for Beer!

alper birthday (1)

A few days later we went to the Tenpin Bowling arcade to play some Pool. I think playing on UK Pool tables when I was growing up must have helped me cause the pockets on them are smaller and so I find it a bit easier on the American style tables.

pool tt footbal (6)

I don’t often get the chance to play table tennis and have been looking for willing victims for a while, fortunately I found one in Alper. 😉

pool tt footbal (10)

The Aliens are here so we may as well embrace them, that’s my motto, Alper’s too by the looks of it.

pool tt footbal (17)

I like grabbing a quick team photo at the end of an event.

pool tt footbal (22)

This however was just a prequel to the main event that evening which was the footie. Tim and Miguel who have both featured previously on this blog were there but unfortunately the Expats lost on this occasion.

pool tt footbal (32)

Still, can’t win them all and a fun night was certainly had by all and sundry.

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