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It was Aynur’s birthday so I took her to where every young lady would love to go on their birthday, a deserted Fairground.

She couldn’t contain her excitement and needed to go to the toilet before we went on any rides and she had to pay 1TL to use it. I wasn’t very happy at that as I think for 5TL a ride then surely they could at least keep the toilet free. People want money for everything these days.

aynur birthday night (3)

While she was in there I got better acquainted with a big scary bald guy.

aynur birthday night (5)

I’m sure the kids must feel very happy with him glaring at them while doing the OK (666) sign.

aynur birthday night (16)

The one on the left reminds me of Eddie, that appears on Iron Maiden albums, like The Number of the Beast.

aynur birthday night (25)

Aynur didn’t really feel like going on any rides but I convinced her to go on the 360 cinema with me, which was good fun and pretty well done I have to say. Try it out if you every visit there.

aynur birthday night (27)

We wondered around the Park while I looked for interesting photo opportunities.

aynur birthday night (32)

Caught by the long hand of the law at last, in fact he stuck it through my head! It was the fashion Police. 😉

aynur birthday night (41)

Aynur lover animals, even plastic ones.

aynur birthday night (45)

Whereas, I love Goddesses and even just birds, plastic or real.

aynur birthday night (48)

I then took Aynur for a Kebab and as a special treat we had Kunefe for desert. Generous to a fault, that’s me. 🙂

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