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I mentioned in the Oktoberfest blog that Sevinç took me for a birthday dinner. We had a very nice meal and then headed to the park to walk it off and drink a beer or two as we did. However, it started to pour down and we had to take shelter under a tree.

birthday dinner dey da billy (5)

We thought it wouldn’t last long but after about 20 minutes we decided to make a run for it, stopping for a photo with a statue as we headed back to Sevinç’s apartment.

birthday dinner dey da billy (16)

It is always lovely to see Sevinç’s mother and despite my wet clothes I had to give her a wee hug.

birthday dinner dey da billy (18)

During Dinner Sevinç mentioned she had tickets to see the Opera Carmina Burana and asked if I would like to go. Well, of course I would. Despite having dated an Opera Singer, Ellen Rabiner, I hadn’t actually been to that many and anytime spent with Sevinç is quality time. The Opera, I have to say, was fantastic. I totally loved it, especially the female singer who’s voice was just incredible.

dey da opera (3)

Here’s a clip from the Opera but not the one we attended.

A big statue from inside the Opera building.

dey da opera (9)

And a good old selfie never goes amiss…

dey da opera (11)

And one with the lovely Sevinç. Thanks to her for inviting me.

dey da opera (18)

If you want to find out what show are on then check out this Antalya Opera Facebook Group.

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