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Sevinç had organised a Pool Competition at the local Tenpin Bowling place and so I decided to pop along to partake in one of my favourite pastimes.

Big Pool Night (2)

It was certainly an international event with no less than 6 countries represented in this photo alone, although I can’t remember them all right now they include Scotland, England, Spain and Morrocco.

Big Pool Night (1)

I was nominated for the task of organising the competition so after thinking about who turned up, I decided to make it a mixed doubles competition, with each pair playing each other once. This was my partner for the evening, so even if we lost I’d have still been a winner!

Big Pool Night (7)

She had never played Pool before in her life so as I am quite competitive I was instructing her on how to play every shot, right down to telling her ‘right a bit, left a bit’ etc.

I think she got a bit annoyed with me but my guidance payed off as we actually won the competition. Remember, it’s not the taking part that counts….. 😉

Sevinç had brought along her Cousin and her husband. Her husband didn’t play but he was a big fan of Snooker, which is pretty unusual for a Turkish person as it is not very popular sport here, either to play or watch.

We had a bit of a chat about our favourite players. I told him that Stephen Hendry came from the same town as me but that didn’t impress him as much as my Pool skills did. 😉

Big Pool Night (9)

After the Pool I invited everyone to join me at the Beach but as it was a week-day most folks decided to go home but Dakota did join me for a while. His father Kevin, had featured in some of my blogs in the past but he now lives in Didem on the Western Coast of Turkey.

However, Dakota had come to Antalya last year and after getting a job as an English teacher decided to stay and he is very happy here. He says that teaching groups of uncontrolable school children 8 hours a day is much better than being a head chef in a restaurant back in England. Wow, that job must really suck.

billy dakota

So ended another fun night with friends in Antalya. I should really organise more Pool competitions as they are so much fun, especially when you win. 😀

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