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Rob is from Canada and he got together with Banu when she was living in Bodrum. They moved to Antalya and made themselves an intergral part of the expat community here by organising a few nights out and then setting up and running the Antalya Expat Social Group on facebook.

The highlights of their organisation were undoubtedly the Halloween parties at Shaker Pub and the Easter Party at Sarisu Beach.

They decided to move to Canada and so we had one final get together at Shaker Pub before moving to Road House later in the evening.

I arrived with Aynur and sat beside Levent, Lorena who I have known for some time and Martha and her husband who I met at Oktoberfest last year.

banu and rob party night (6)

Here I am with Rob. He was always very kind and helpful to not just myself but anyone who he could help. Like most Canadians, and Scottishmen for that matter, he certainly loves his beer and he told me he was on a mission that night. Who was I not to join him?

banu and rob party night (11)

It is always good to hook up with Michael and he introduced me to Jo from Belgium. He soon got the hang of the ‘tongues out’ patter.

banu and rob party night (16)

Susie was taking a selfie with Banu and I couldn’t resist making a face in the background. It was funny watching Susie look at the photo and realise that I had photobombed it. High fives all round at that point.

billy banu rob party (2)

At my leaving party the year before, Banu and Rob had made a video of photos of my time in Antalya, so I thought it only the right thing to do was to make one for them.

During the Band’s break I got onstage and to my surprise I started talking in Turkish as I introduced it.

After it was finished, I returned to the expat table to see tears streaming down Banu’s face. I had touched her deeply. I knew how she felt, because I felt like crying when they played mine but I am a strong Scottish man so I held them in. ๐Ÿ™‚

As I said, we moved onto Road House afterwards where Alper started displaying his impressive dance moves.

banu and rob party night (33)

Outside I met Murat, who I bump into from time to time. He always touches his heart and calls me a true Rastaman, which I take as a big compliment. I really wish I could speak Turkish so I could have a decent conversation with him though as he is a cool dude himself.

banu and rob party night (35)

Also outside was one of Aynur’s friends whom she hadn’t seen for a while, so never one to miss a photo opportunity I grabbed one, or in this case two. ๐Ÿ™‚

banu and rob party night (37)

Another photographer was taking photos of the Road House team so I also took the opportunity to do so. I had talked to Sรถner (on the right) about hosting a night there but told me that they didn’t want any spoken word events there as it was a Rock Bar. Fair enough.

banu and rob party night (40)

This was the band that were playing that evening.

banu and rob party night (45)

I realised that I hadn’t managed to get a photo of Rob and Banu together all evening so I shouted out for a group photo. For a change, I never stuck my mug into it selfie style.

banu and rob party night (53)

I discovered they had Guinness on sale and so spent 15TL on one. Then after this photo, I left it at the table to go and take photos of myself and Aynur posing on someone else’s motorbike and forgot all about it. Yes, I was quite drunk by this time.

banu and rob party night (50)

Jo’s daughter was there and she was looking a bit worse for wear although I think it was just tiredness as oppossed to too much Tequila, like the rest of us.

banu and rob party night (55)

It was about 4am when Aynur and I left the party and I think there were still some people there but I can’t be sure. lol.

Good luck to Rob and Banu in their new life in Canada. Let’s see how Banu copes with the Canadian Winters. ๐Ÿ™‚

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