Sevinç’s Birthday Party in Ayyaş Bar, Kaleiçi.

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Sevinc Birthday (28)

So after our fun day out at Saklikent we just about had enough time to have a small rest before heading off to Ayyaş Bar in Kaleiçi for Sevinç’s Birthday Party.

Ellen and I arrived at about 9.30pm and I was worried that I would have missed the cake. Fortunately we arrived just in time as 10 minutes later Sevinç had a large knife in her hand and was soon dishing it out. 

It was a really fun night and we had a good chat with some friends like Tina and Esrin (from whom I stole some photos and video footage) and also met some new people like Marc Bowman and Sevinç’s mother who, just like the cake, was very sweet.

There were two guys playing guitar in the bar.  I think it was more suitable as background music than for dancing to, but we gave it our best shot anyway.

I got more than my fair share of cake as I got a large second helping.  I had a good excuse though. I had danced my ass off and needed to get some energy reserves back.

A good friend of Sevinç called Oğuz Demirtaş was there.  I knew him from last summer when he played guitar in Miles bar with another friend of mine on vocals, Hendi Mypa.

Oğuz told me about his new band called Voyn who are playing every Monday at Tudors Pub and I promised I would go along to check them out, which I did. That will be the topic of the next blog post, so stay tuned for that one. 😉

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