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aynur pyramid park (3)

After our trip to Olympos, I realised that Aynur is a very sweet girl and great fun to be with and so as she was still on holiday for a week and a half, we spent some time getting to know each other better.

I hadn’t been in a relationship for over a year and I was determined not to just get into one for the sake of it as I really don’t like all that breaking up shit but although there are never any guarantee’s in life, I felt comfortable with Aynur in a way that I hadn’t done with anyone before really, so I felt it worth persuing.

Aynur Mix

Obviously she has to be a little nuts to want to go out with me so I think we are a good match in that regard.

Aynur Mix

I walked her to the bus stop one night and she stopped for a drink at this water fountain. There are a few of these about town and I think they are pretty cool, better than just a simple one.

aynur satureday (15)

On the night of Rob and Banu’s going away party, we had a little party in the street before attending. Mutlu means ‘Happy’ in Turkish and so I had to take a selfie with some big smiles.

aynur vehicle model (1)

Towards the end of the evening, as everyone else was at Roadhouse we went along the street a little bit and done some sexy poses on someone’s moped.

aynur vehicle model (23)

I think I have potential to be a Calvin Klein model, don’t you?

BeFunky_aynur vehicle model (29)

We left Road House at 4am and found a reasonably priced Pansiyon, where we had breakfast just a few hours later.

After that we went to my friend Mustafa’s Turkish Bath, Sefa Hamam, where after scrubbing ourselves we sat in the welcome area drinking Apple Tea and eating fresh fruit.

aynur sabah sefa haman (9)

He is always a lovely host and looks after his guests very well.

aynur sabah sefa haman (11)

Below you can see a selection of photos from our first week or so together. 🙂

The Photos


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