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Arzu and Billy

I am an admin for the Antalya Expats Social Group on Facebook and when it was my friends Arzu’s birthday, we organized a birthday party to celebrate it in Shakers Pub in Kaleiçi.

I didn’t buy her a present but instead turned up with an unwrapped second hand DVD of a movie called Sideways.  I know, a gentleman to the very core, that’s me.  Arzu didn’t look too impressed with her gift but she took it graciously, even though she ended up leaving it in her friends car at the end of the night.  Still, I thought she would enjoy it and so my intentions were pure. Anyone could buy chocolates or flowers.

It was a fun night meeting up with friends I hadn’t seen since returning from Edinburgh in September and when some people had decided to go home the rest of us headed off to Art Cafe to continue the party.

Arzu and some of her friends went to the basement level to dance to rave music and the group I was with were enjoying beers outside. We meant to go downstairs but never quite managed it, such was the fun we were having just chatting to each other.

Arzu Birthday Party Group

Eventuatlly Arzu appeared to ask us why we didn’t join her and so I suggested we go back down but the night was finished.  Instead she had a dance with some of us outside.

Arzu Birthday Party Dance

I sometimes consider moving back to Scotland but when I come back to Antalya I realise how fortunate I am to live in such a beautiful place and having many friends to socialise with certainly makes life better too.  

So I have decided to stay a while longer and make the most of it.  There are certainly worse places to live and when I said to my friends in Scotland that I was thinking of moving back there, they all looked at me as if I were crazy.  I am but maybe not that crazy, after all. 😉

And at least I am doing better than this guy. Well, I was that night anyway. 🙂

Drunk man

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