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Antalya Xmas Bazaar

The International Women of Antalya organise a Antalya Xmas Bazaar every year and the money raised goes to charity. Last year the money raised was used to support some young girls in their education and this year the money will help provide electric wheelchairs to those in need.

Gülsevin Eren Güngör is the director and she tried to organise it in the usual venue of the Talya Hotel but there may have been some construction work taking place so this year it was hosted in the Dedeman Hotel.

Dedeman Hotel

There were many different types of stalls selling accessories, dresses, hand made jewellery, silver jewellery, perfume, bags, books, Chirstmas decorations, paintings, and ceramics to name a few. They also sold some second hand clothes and the jumble and white elephant stands. There was also a raffle where lots of good wine was up for grabs.

Xmaz Bazaar Dedeman

Music was playing throughout the day which provided a nice relaxed atmosphere, especially when chilling out at the cafe where they sold delicious cakes, börek, mulled wine, tea, coffee and Turkish coffee. There was even someone there reading coffee cups.

Unfortunately though, there was no Kids’ Corner this year because the venue was not appropriate for that. That didn’t please my son too much as that was his main reason for going. Hopefully it will return next year as I feel that is an integral part of the event.

Last year I discovered a lady who sells one-off waistcoats and it took me a while to choose which one I wanted. However, after the event I wished I had bought more than one and so I went back this year and bought five, with a small discount on each for bulk purchase obviously.

Xmaz Bazaar Dedeman Waistcoats

As I was watching my son most of the time I didn’t have time to make a video but I did speak to this guy who was very keen for me to buy his shampoo. I told him I would have a look around before committing to it but by the time I had returned I had just been to the waistcoat lady and had only enough money left for some of the mulled wine, which is customary to drink, at least for me anyway.

I had met Steve and Sarah the day before at the St Pauls Xmas Bazaar and found them here hard at work serving food and drinks all day. Well done folks. 🙂

Steve and Sarah

It was then time to relax with some Mulled Wine and a cake or two, which was served up by another friend of mine called Dave. My son is not very adventurous when it comes to eating, but he told me he enjoyed the bread.

Xmaz Bazaar Dedeman (13)

As usual I bumped into several more people I knew that day including, Pat, Latife, Andy, Nancy, Elaine, Alison and Alper and on my way out of the building I bumped into this lady who I recognised from St Paul’s Centre, where she helps out from time to time I believe.

Xmaz Bazaar Dedeman (82)

Then it was time to get the bus back home to the other side of town.

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