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I spotted a competition to win 6 months all expenses paid travel around the world run by My Destination and thought it too good an opportunity not to enter.

Antalya Welcome

The rules of the competition were simple. You had to make a video about the town you live in or have been to and then also write a blog of less than 500 words about a particularly memorable holiday experience along with 3 photos that go with it. You can see it better if you click on it twice as it enlarges to it’s full size.

My Destination Entry

You can see my entry as it appeared on the site here.

Ok, so maybe I shouldn’t have went for the comedy angle as much as I did. lol.

There were over 1,550 entries from more than 640 destinations around the world and this was about all they had to say about my entry in their rejection email. ‘We very much enjoyed your video, a great tour of Antalya and some great historical facts. It is quite obvious the amount of effort and thought you put in’.

Not to worry about not winning, I am just really glad I took the time to make it as it is a good memory to have of my time in Antalya.

I actually made two versions. I was halfway through making it when I re-read the rules to see that you required people’s permission to be included in the video. Although I didn’t think anyone would mind, I didn’t want to take the risk of scuppering my chances of claiming the prize so I edited out other people from my photos and also cut out a couple of verses of the poem to keep it under 3 minutes.

When I had finished that however, I still had the remains from the first effort and so finished making a second one just for my site, which enabled me to use any photos I liked and also to insert a few jokes here and there. I much prefer this version…although you may want to avert your eyes at the end 😉

All in all, it took me about 3 full days to make. I started off by going up the hill where the Rotating Restaurant is located to get a good view of the city.

View of Antalya

On the second day, I got up at 6am and drove around the town on my motorbike to record sections before any people appeared.

Big Hand For Billy

I had my tripod with me so I didn’t need to ask anyone to hold the camera.

Antalya Lion

I wore the same clothes on both days for continuity. Oh yeah, I’m a professional. 🙂

Duden Waterfall

I can never resist Russian Dolls.

Give Us A Kiss

Anyone for Kahve?

Kahve Pouring

Spot the odd one?

Russian Dolls

Laid by a giant psychedelic chicken.


I had to get Shakers Pub in the video as they were very supportive of the expats and even sponsored this site for a few months.

Shaker Pub

Here’s the photos taken from my camcorder while making the video.

So there we have it, my Antalya Welcome video, I hope you enjoyed it.


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