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During the summer months instead of jumping in the shower in the morning I liked to go to the beach for a swim. On my way there one day I noticed that the Antalya Triathlon was taking place.

triathlon (27)

After they finish their cycle it is time to jump in the sea for a swim.

triathlon (21)

This was the obviously the gate they passed through to start the second stage.

triathlon (24)

Even though I hadn’t cycled even 5km I’m sure I looked in worse condition than most of the athletes at that time.

triathlon (1)

Here are the athletes preparing themselves for a lengthy swim that would put my doggy paddling and treading water to shame.

triathlon (15)

One of them only had one arm and still managed it.

triathlon (16)

They had to swim out to the big yellow ball and back before starting the last leg.

triathlon (11)

I was tired just watching them and as I was hungry I headed home for breakfast, saying hello to this colourful chap on the way.

triathlon (25)

You can see a gallery of official photos here.

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