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Alper had told his friend that I was a good Pool player, which I think you can tell from this pose alone, eh? 🙂

quiz night 3 (9)

His friend wanted to set up a challenge match against me so we set it up. Alper and his friend played first, just so he could get warmed up to play the master.

quiz night 3 (10)

I played his friend and although he was a good player, he just wasn’t good enough as I came out on top. Granted, it went to the deciding game and my pot on the black was a bit of a fluke as I scuffed the white big time but the black crawled into the pocket. You make your own luck as they say and I think I deserved it. I did laugh though.

quiz night 3 (15)

Alison wasn’t as impressed.

quiz night 3 (23)

We went on to play Alper’s game of choice, Tenpin Bowling and although I gave him a run for his money, this ‘Turkey in Turkey’ made pretty sure that he won the match.

quiz night 3 (35)

I tried throwing my last ball like a cricket ball but to no avail. Luckily the floorboards didn’t break.

quiz night 3 (39)

And I do like a good ‘team photo’ at the end of the evening.

quiz night 3 (45)

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