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Friday night we went to the Antalya Symphony’s Pop and Jazz concert.  We felt like we’d been transported to a cruise ship in the 70s.  Aydin Kahya sang an old James Bond theme song (Thunderball),  Sibel Gursoy joined him for “Can’t Take my Eyes off of You”, and the orchestra even played the theme from Rocky.

Ms Gursoy had some nice moments, singing authentically in Spanish and Italian as well as Turkish and English.  Mr. Kahya’s diction was less clear, but he was mostly scatting anyway, sometimes when stylistically  appropriate, but also when not, as in the cringeworthy rendition of “My Funny Valentine”.  But the laugh-out-loud moment was  conductor Tolga Tavis’s arrangement of James Brown’s “I feel good”, which included a cutesy violin riff  that sounded like something from Austin Powers.  

Tolga Bilgin on trumpet and Serkan Altınok on saxophone classed up the evening when allowed to shine on their solos.

The audience was packed (we had to sit in the balcony), and a good time was had by all.  I took some videos of the performances, so enjoy!

Video Playlist

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