Antalya Social Group Easter Party

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The Antalya Expat Social Group run by Rob and Banu Jacklin organised an Easter Party in a forest picnic area close to the beach.

Easter Party (8)

They had help from various people like Yaşar from Shakers Pub and Charlotte Ozturk who runs Animation Fun World.

Easter Party (2)

I was given the task of DJ which suited me just fine. πŸ™‚

Easter Party (6)

They had a competition for children where prizes were given to the winners.

easter_party (28)

This lady won the big raffle prize for the adults. I can’t remember exactly what it was now but I can remember being impressed with it.

easter_party (145)

There was then a treasure hunt competition. I was given the task of wearing a Red Bra which people had to hunt for which suited me just fine. πŸ™‚

Easter Party (7)

Susie told me she had one on just like it, so I asked her to prove it!

Easter Party (4)

Don said he could go one better. Turns out he could go two better!

Easter Party (1)

Rob then told me to Kiss his Ass, so who was I to argue?

easter_party (176)

Then it was time for a Dance.

easter_party (180)

So I let the Turkish men choose the music, while I danced with their women.

Easter Party (9)

Here are some highlights from the award ceremony and the Turkish dancing.

Harlem Shake

At this point I went for a walk and on returning I was told that I was to star in a Harlem Shake dance. I didn’t know what that entailed exactly so I just done what I normally do on a dancefloor…..annoy everyone. Luckily I had kept the bra on. As you can see I used it to up it notch halfway through.

Here is some Raw footage from standers-by.

My favourite part of the day was when I was getting my son ready to go home but didn’t know how I could take the bra off, so I asked him to do it for me. At this point I looked around and saw Alper nudging his wife Alison in disbelief at what he had just witnessed. Fortunately my son knows me well and was even happy to take this photo. Personally I blame Banu for giving it to me in the first place. πŸ˜‰

easter_party (257)

This was certainly one of my favourite days while in Antalya and I felt very honoured they asked me to be the main nutter the Harlem Shake. I hope I made my son proud. πŸ™‚

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