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waterlogged park

Would you believe it sometimes rain in Antalya? Here is a video of thunder and lightning taken from my balcony a couple of weeks ago….yes, it is that exciting!!

Thankfully, Summer appears to be well on it’s way now with temperatures in their 20’s. Yee-haa.


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  • Anonymous
    April 7, 2008

    Hello Billy, that’s the same guy as commented on Cakilar Market post (maybe one sweet day I even register 😉 ).

    I (and as video watch counts show, not just I) appreciate your blogging – it’s so nice to see “live” notes/shots of Antalya, especially when you’re away from there ;-).

    So, are you too in “far” Konyaalti, close to mountains?

    And yeah, thunderstorm looks refreshing – hope entire Antalya will be green and blossoming to the start of season soon!

  • Billy Watson
    April 9, 2008

    Thanks for your kind comments and yes I am quite far along into Konyaalti, close to the mountains.

    We’ve had a couple more thunderstorms since this one but the sunshine in between more than makes up for them:)



  • Julien Peter Benney
    July 20, 2012

    Antalya must be a city that closes for the rains. It actually receives twice as much rain in a year as London, but thirty inches on average – and sometimes much, much more – falls between November and February.

    The strange thing is that even in the hot sunny dry season from May to September, videos of Antalya show such lush vegetation that visitors who think must know there must be a lot of rain. More than that, on paper at least the rainy season from November to February looks much more pleasant weatherwise than the hot, glary dry season from November to February!

  • Ellen
    July 21, 2012

    Antalya does close for rain! I’ve had classes cancelled because of rain, and nobody seems to leave their homes when it rains.

    I’m surprised about the comparison to London, but I guess the difference is that London has a constant drizzle whereas Antalya has many sunny days followed by a massive downpour.

    As for the seasons, spring and fall are best. Fall, before the rainy season, and Spring, when the rains are over.

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